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Women’s Pelvic Health and Urogynecology: Gregory J. Bailey MD completed his OB/GYN Residency at UCLA / Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and has been practicing in Gainesville since 1990. After 15 years of Obstetrics, he recognized a significant need in his maturing patients who were developing urinary and bowel control issues and vaginal prolapse, conditions which affect more than 60 % of menopausal women. With a passion for treating these disorders, in 2005 he founded Women’s Pelvic Health becoming board certified in FPMRS (Urogynecology). He has treated thousands of patients using non-surgical and surgical options. His office offers simple to advanced procedures including robotic surgery and Interstim neuromodulation. As a speaker and instructor at numerous conferences and cadaveric surgery courses, Dr Bailey has participated in the training of hundreds of physicians on advanced pelvic reconstruction surgery. He has previously served at NFRMC as Chief of Surgery and is head of Urogynecology for UCF’s Residency program at NFRMC.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: With new data concerning the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for Men and Women, Dr Bailey underwent advanced training and certification in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. His office now provides hormone evaluation and replacement therapies including oral, topical and Biote pellet therapy. He is Board Certified in Gynecology, Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, and has certification in Advanced Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. He is a member of the American Urogynecology Society and North American Menopause Society.

CoolSculpting and Botox: In 2016 Dr. Bailey began offering CoolSculpting – the first non-surgical, in-office, fat-reduction technique based on rigorous scientific research. It provides reliable, consistent and often life changing results. With over three million treatments worldwide (and counting!), CoolSculpting has quickly become one of the most popular solutions for non-surgical fat reduction. His patients have also enjoyed the simple in office wrinkle reducing procedure using Botox.

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